Poetic Easel
Artists Via Poetry

by YoElena Tkebuchava

“Poetic Easel” revolves around the idea of poetry in painting and art in poetry. Exquisite little poems suggest in a witty, humorous way the distinguishing characteristic of the painter and express the young author's feelings and the impressions the art works produced on her. Each poem is a jewel. Their musical rhythm, romantic flow, and lofty expression attract to read them again and again. The reader is captivated by the poems' flow and simplicity.

This book will prove enjoyable to any person who loves poetry and art. The poems are not only artistically written, but also surprisingly informative. While reading, I feel myself sitting next to her and listening to the marvelous stories intermingled with her personal impressions and feelings. While listening I think about one thing – not to hear “The End.”
Batu Siharulidze. Scultptor
Professor, Boston University, Boston, USA
Characterize the work of forty acclaimed art masters in verses of four-lines. It seems a monumental task, but one Yo Elena Tkebuchava has set for herself and one which she accomplishes with a delightful mixture of inventive whimsy and deep insight. Consider, for example how she transports the reader into this surreal maze of an Escher drawing.
Maureen Tolman Flannery
Award-winning poet and author of Destiny Whispers

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